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1-Click Book Creation Review

The new software by author Russ Crowley is essentially a Microsoft Word template which you can use to create your books, whether print or electronic.

If you use Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 then you’re in for a real treat. (This excludes you Mac users though… according to Russ, the coding on Word for Macs is something completely different),

Simply put, when you run the template a form is displayed in which you enter your book information, select a few per-configured options, and then click a button…
Your book is then created and formatted correctly for you;  but, the magic doesn’t end there…

You see, Russ has been using Word since 1994, has worked professionally as a Technical Author since 1997 and, more specifically, is an expert with Word templates. As he says, “I’ve been creating templates since 1999 and every single company I’ve ever worked at – without exception – has adopted my templates to replace their own.”

Nowadays, he works extensively online where, most of his bread-and-butter work comes from…creating documentation for others.

What you also get with 1-Click Book Creation basic version is a pre-configured set of Word styles which can be adapted to any situation, plus an easy to follow Guide on the entire book publishing process.

There is also an option to get 5-hours of video training where Russ shows you exactly how he creates his new book, imports some of the existing content, formats it and, in the end, publishes his book ‘How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle’ to… CreateSpace and Kindle.

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Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.


  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply March 5, 2015

    Hi Kerrie,

    I think this is just what I’m looking for to be honest, was thinking how I could speed up my e-book creation, this might just be the ticket!

    Will definately check it out.


    Jon Crimes

    • Kerrie Price

      Reply Reply March 5, 2015

      Good to hear from you Jon. I wish you good success with your Ebook creation.

  • Mary Ann Seymour

    Reply Reply July 19, 2015

    Kerrie! What a great web site. What insight you have.I love this site. Will revisit often. Will retry joining up.

  • Bob Caine

    Reply Reply September 30, 2015

    Hi Kerrie,

    This is a product that will definitely help me and I need all the help I can get.


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