Children have an amazing capacity for God

Children have an amazing capacity for God. I know this firstly because of my own desire for God from a very young age. Secondly, because I have worked with thousands of children in churches and schools over many years, and have seen first hand the hunger and desire many children have to know God. This desire for God is most commonly evident in children from Christian families, but also many times in children who are not from a Christian background.

My parents were not Christians for most of their lives, yet from the first time they let me go to Sunday School, I had a strong desire for God, and at the age of eight I promised to love and serve Him all my days.

It is so important that we really convey to children how much God loves and values them. We need to also teach them that it is possible and most desirable to live a life pleasing to God, in order to fulfill their potential as a person.

We should communicate to children the value of rules, as boundaries and safety guidelines for our lives, also the value of obedience to God, to parents and others in authority. However, we must not let them think that pleasing God is a result of keeping rules. Our relationship with God is always based upon the desires of our heart. “… For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 Bearing this in mind, we need to teach our children to watch their motives, attitudes and to carefully guard their hearts from hardness or rebellion. A tender heart is of great value to the Lord and we should encourage this at all times. Here are my 12 best tips:

  • Let your home be filled with the love, joy and peace of God
  • Love the Christian life and model it for your children
  • Pray for them
  • Teach them to pray and watch for answers and give thanks
  • Never speak negatively about the church people or leadership
  • Make church attendance a priority from birth
  • Don’t just read them Bible stories – discuss principles and values for living
  • Lead them to make a decision for the Lord as soon as they are ready.  In a Christian home, this is usually between three and five years old
  • Help them grow in their relationship with God – teach them all you know
  • Read them missionary stories to give them heroes of the faith
  • Deal with behaviour problems based on your family’s desire to please God, not merely by reacting to the behaviour.
  • Express appreciation, gratitude, encouragement and positive reinforcement when children are kind and helpful and show good attitudes about their behaviour.

May the Lord bless your families with His Love, Peace and Joy.


PS. I would love to hear comments or questions, so we can help one another.

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Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.

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