Come Near to God…

Come near to God and He will come near to you.  James 4:8

Recently I spoke with a friend who has struggled in her efforts to draw near to God. She inspired me to write what is in my heart, in the hope that it may help others. Of course God IS near to all those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour. After all, He lives IN us by His Spirit, but often Christians do not FEEL close to God.

Although I had for many years experienced the nearness of God, the continual awareness of His Presence was greatly increased in my life, after reading and practicing the exhortations of a very famous little book called “The Practice of the Presence of God”. It was compiled from conversations and letters from a Carmelite monk known as Brother Lawrence, who was converted at the age of eighteen and became a monk in 1666 in Paris. (This book can be downloaded free of charge – just do a Google search).

The major thought and theme of the book is that God should be uppermost in our thoughts continually. This is what I always wanted, but it seemed impossible because of all the distractions of daily life. However, after consciously practicing for some months, I found it very much easier and certainly blessed and happier, to live and walk in His Presence to a far greater degree than ever before.

The first requirement is that we should totally yield our lives to fulfil God’s purposes, and that our greatest desire should be to love, honor and please Him in everything we do, think and say. This will result in our relationships with others coming under the covering of God’s love, as we honor and relate well to them in every way possible.

Of course, because we are subject to human nature, we are likely to fail many times. We should not allow ourselves to be unsettled or discouraged by this, but simply ask forgiveness where necessary, trust in the righteousness of Christ, and return to our practice of love, trust and obedience to God.

We should be thankful in all things continually, and make it a practice in every spare moment, to be singing melodies in our hearts to the Lord. As this becomes your common practice, you will find that songs of praise may be going through your heart, even while you are working, sleeping, talking to a friend and so on.

Since the song is in your heart, or perhaps I should say your sub-conscious mind, it won’t interrupt your thoughts or conversation. If this seems too difficult, at least practice singing silently in your mind as you go about your daily life.

This is food for thought for all of us, but I can assure you of the benefits you will enjoy, if you will make the effort to establish this kind of lifestyle.

 Enjoy your life in Christ

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Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.


  • Heather Arias

    Reply Reply May 13, 2015

    I really appreciated reading this. I am in a time where I left the Lord. I didn’t make Him my first love and now I’m trying to come back. He used to be so close and now feels so far away. This helped give me tools to use to draw closer to Him.

    • Kerrie Price

      Reply Reply May 13, 2015

      Lovely to hear from you Heather. I’m sure many people are in the same situation, and I would love to help them.
      Feel free to write to me any time at and I will try to be more help.

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