God is Doing a New Thing


How many of you know that God is doing a new thing in His church?  I know He’s doing a new thing in me?  Is He doing new things in you?

I’ve spoken in the past about my lifelong struggle with lack of confidence.  I especially struggled with the fact of being a woman in ministry, until the day God said to me:  I didn’t ask ‘are you a woman’?  I asked ‘are you my servant’?

I’ve had to work hard to break through that lack of confidence, because it kept me in the mode of ‘what if I make a mistake?  What if I say the wrong thing and embarrass myself?  What do other people think of me?  What if I take on a position in the church and then find out that I can’t do the job well enough?

You know it really is time we ‘got over ourselves’.  It’s not about YOU or ME.  It’s about what God wants.  It’s about His plans for His church.  It’s about the will of God being done on earth, just as it is in Heaven.

If He is Lord of your life, then what He wants is more important than what you want.  It’s more important than your feelings about yourself.  Remember, He must increase – I must decrease.

Recently God said to me:  ‘I want to sweep through the church, I want to blow through the church, I want to flow through the church’.

Today I want to unpack the first part of that, so we can really understand what God is wanting to do with us.  So I’ll just comment briefly on the last two, to say that when God blows through His church, the breath of His Spirit will re-awaken desire, it will refresh and revitalize the church, and it will fan the flame in our hearts.  That’s if you have a flame burning in your heart!  Some Christians just have glowing embers.  And for some, even the embers have almost grown cold.

And God can be doing all of these things at different times in different people.  Already we sense the fresh breath of His Spirit in our worship times, and some of us in our private times with God, in the secret place of His Presence.

God wants to flow through His church to touch a desperately needy world around us.  He wants us to be so overflowing with His Spirit, that we naturally reach out in compassion to those who are hurting, or lost, or hungry.  Those who have fallen by the wayside of society – the misfits, the weak, the lonely ones.  We do that when we give to missions and when we bring our tithes and offerings, because that pays for buildings and upkeep of the ministry, so the church is provided for and the pastors can continue doing their job.  You also do that out in the marketplace when you smile at people, speak to them kindly, take an interest in people, and share with them the good things you know about God.

God flows through us at home, when we are kind to each other, when we are encouraging, and helpful, when we continue to show God’s love to those who are difficult to get on with, even those who are mean or hard.  That doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you.  It means that when the glory of God is shining through you, then the love of God flows out through you, but their meanness can’t hurt you. It just bounces off.

Then God wants to sweep through His church, getting rid of the rubbish, brushing away the materialism, the obsession with self.  Selfwill, self-promotion, selfish desires.  The enemy’s had us so bound up with self-consciousness, so afraid of what people think, that he has largely immobilised the church.  And it’s rubbish.

God wants to sweep away the traditions of men, the trappings of religion, and bring us back to a pure, simple faith in God.

Jesus said:  ‘Unless you come as a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God’.  Forget about who’s the most important – you won’t even get in!  We need simple faith, childlike love and trust of our heavenly Father.

Get over yourself.  Become like a child.  Do what God is asking you to do.  And if He’s not saying anything, it’s probably because you didn’t follow through on the last thing He asked you to do.  So ask Him, ‘Father, what do You want ME to do?  Maybe He’ll say, ‘invite your workmate to church – you know, the one who’s been asking questions about Me.  Or maybe he’ll say, make a cake for your neighbours, or help them with their Garage Sale – and while you’re at it, tell them your testimony’.  Whatever it takes – but start stepping out and doing what God wants you to do.

Do you like moving house?  It’s a big job isn’t it?  Even more so, if you’ve lived in the house for twenty years or so.  We accumulate so much STUFF.  At times like that you have to be ruthless.

You know that vase that Aunty somebody gave you twenty years ago.  You’ve never liked it and it serves no useful purpose, because you’ve had it stuck in the back of a cupboard – throw it out.  That old hand drill in the garage – you know you’re never going to use it again – get rid of it.

You know, there are habits we’ve accumulated, pre-conceived ideas of life that you’ve held on to even though the circumstances that caused you to have that mindset have long-since changed and gone out of your life.  There was that person who abused you as a child, that friend who betrayed you.  They’re not around anymore, but you still don’t trust people – even good people.  You still don’t really trust God – not enough to lay your whole life down into His hands.

It’s time to change.  God wants better for you than that.  He’s going to sweep through the church and get rid of the rubbish, get rid of the dust that’s accumulated, the cobwebs that are hanging over your life from past experiences. And as he sweeps, He’s going to uncover some things that have been lost.  You know when He called you to serve Him all those years ago, and you wanted to, but you had a young family and a big mortgage, and friends or a boss who wanted you to do other things, so you put the call of God on hold.  It’s like you covered it up with an old sheet and put it in the back room and said ‘one day’ – ‘one day I’ll do what God is calling me to do. Folks, the day has come.  It’s now.  It’s today.

He’s going to uncover some gifts and talents that you packed away under the bed.  Perhaps your gifts were misunderstood, suppressed, undervalued, ignored or ridiculed.  No one helped you to develop those gifts, and you ended up heading down a path in life that you never intended.

God values the gifts He placed within you, and He’s pulling them out from under the bed.

He said to me the other day:  ‘The kind of person who deep down, you really want to be, is the person you were created to be’.

You may not even remember what you really valued in life before others crushed your hopes and dreams.  God wants to restore your hope.  He wants to put joy and love into your life.  He wants you to be free to be the person He made you to be.

Today is a New Day and God is doing a New Thing!

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Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.

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