Hidden Treasures

Sometimes people outside the church have a very limited understanding of what Christianity is all about.  They seem to think it’s just a religion.  They think that Christians believe in God,pray, go to church, read the Bible, hopefully live good, honest lives and they know that Christians believe that one day they are going to heaven – and heaven help everyone else.

Well of course Christians know that it’s a whole lot more than that!   Firstly we know that when Jesus becomes our Saviour, He forgives all the wrong things we’ve done, and gives us a whole new life.  We know that God then becomes our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us.  We know that God has a wonderful plan for each of our lives and that each of us has a part to play in establishing the Kingdom of God.  We now have received eternal life and one day we will most assuredly live with Him in heaven.

However, there are many Christians who have not realized that there is a whole world of spiritual discovery beyond that, that we will never experience this side of heaven, unless we start searching for the hidden treasures of the Kingdom – the secret things of God.

Treasure hunts have fascinated people for hundreds of years.

Have you ever had an Easter egg hunt?  Usually someone in the family hides Easter eggs around the yard, and the rest of the family get to hunt for them.  They’re usually easy to find, because that’s the object of the game – to find as many as you can.

God’s Treasure Hunts are not like that at all.  He wants us to get to the place of spiritual discovery, but He wants us to enjoy the excitement of the hunt itself, usually for a long time before we actually uncover the treasure.  Part of the reason for this is that God wants fellowship with us – much more than we probably realize, but He knows that if we are seeking Him – we will spend time with Him – and so He often keeps us seeking, so as to extend the time He has with us.

Have you heard the saying:  ‘Children spell love T-I-M-E’?  Well God thinks that way too.  He believes that if we truly love Him, we will want to spend time with Him.  He HAS made a wonderful promise, that if we ask – we will receive, if we seek – we shall find and if we knock – the door will be opened to us.

Now, when we are searching for something of value, OUR main objective is to find it.  God is more interested in the process of seeking, because He knows that in the process we will grow in faith, stretch and strengthen our spiritual muscles and increase our understanding of His Ways

Jeremiah 29:13 tells us‘you will seek Me and you will find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart.  And I will be found by you’ says the Lord. 

Frankly, I have discovered that my idea of ‘searching with all my heart’ is quite different from God’s idea. I found that when I sought God ‘with all my heart’ at ‘convenient times’ I didn’t get the same results as if I woke very early to pray, or turned off the TV to go and pray.  I also found that I may be praying along a particular line for weeks, without really hearing anything, and then suddenly ‘out of the blue’ God will give a whole revelation on the subject.  You may find that He will answer other prayers in the meantime, just to encourage you to keep on seeking.  It’s like He gives us clues…..

To seek the Lord  with all our hearts takes us on a Wonderful path of discovery – but many become stuck in a rut – because they don’t get answers easily – or it takes too long – they revert back to just living the religion.  It’s meant to be an exciting journey that we can delight in and enjoy and experience the wonder of His Presence – and it’s worth the effort.

So how do we discover the secret place, where God reveals His secrets?  Well first of all you’ll need faith.

It is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek him. Hebrews 11:6   People tend to say:  ‘If I see it, I’ll believe’.  God says: ‘If you believe – you will see’.

Then secondly, if you are a Christian you need to know that God’s Holy Spirit lives in you and His Presence overshadows You.  So He is not only in you, but also all around you.  The secret place where He dwells is in You.  So you’re not crying out to a God who is afar off, but rather focusing deep inside where the Holy Spirit dwells and listening to what He is saying deep inside of you.

Thirdly, you need time.  You will not experience much of God in a few brief moments.

Ask Him to make you very still and quiet in your mind and emotions, so that you can hear His Voice.  Sense His Presence and His Peace.  Worship Him, tell Him you love Him, feel His love for you, realize that He is glad that you’ve come.  He’s been waiting for you to come.  He’s smiling at you.  He loves you so much.  You’re His child.  Rest in Him. Relax.  Can you picture Him standing there?  Is He saying anything to you?  He is waiting to hear what you have to say.

You can tell Him everything.  All the troubled feelings and mixed up emotions.  Everything you’ve been worrying about.  He just wants to reassure you that everything‘s all right.

God has everything under control.


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Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.

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