Raise Children Who Want to Please God

 Here are some simple ideas to help you…

  • Let your home be filled with the love, joy and peace of God
  • Love the Christian life and model it for your children
  • Pray for them
  • Teach them to pray and watch for answers and give thanks
  • Never speak negatively about the church people or leadership
  • Make church attendance a priority from birth
  • Don’t just read them Bible stories – discuss principles and values for living
  • Lead them to make a decision for the Lord as soon as they are ready. In a Christian home, this is usually between three and five years old
  • Help them grow in their relationship with God – teach them all you know
  • Read them missionary stories to give them heroes of the faith
  • Deal with behaviour problems based on your family’s desire to please God
  • Express appreciation, gratitude, encouragement and positive reinforcement when children are kind and helpful and show good attitudes
About The Author

Kerrie Price

I am a grandmother and a recently retired pastor. On my retirement I decided I needed a new interest in life and wanted to supplement my income. I have chosen to use my skills as a Christian Life Coach, and to learn new skills in the field of Internet Marketing, and though I haven't been on the journey very long, it has been a most interesting one. There is a great deal to learn and many wonderful people to meet via the Internet. I am enjoying this new stage of my life, and hope to help others who want to improve their circumstances and make a change for the better.


  • Hi Kerrie,
    What a joy to be here today,
    I am here today via Mandy Allen’s page.
    It is indeed a great joy to meet yet another like minded person.
    Glad to read some of your edifying and encouraging posts here.

    Indeed you are doing a wonderful service to the perishing souls.
    I appreciate your vision
    Keep up the good work
    Hey though it’s a short video, it speaks volume.
    I liked the way you presented the valuable things everyone should know.
    May God bless.
    With lot of Christian love and prayer
    Yours in His service
    ~ Philip

    • Kerrie Price

      Reply Reply May 16, 2017

      Thank you for your encouraging Comments Philip. I hope this website will be helpful for many people.

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