Over recent years my life has become increasingly absorbed with God and His Kingdom purposes.  I came to the realisation that He wanted me to spend much more time in His Presence and in His Word and He has made provision in every way for me to be able to do this.

Now Father is saying, ‘I will help you to find a new place of ‘normal’ in your life, where you can live continually in My Presence and be truly led by My Spirit’.

As children of God, we are walking into a new realm in God, where the Holy Spirit is going to teach us spiritual truth in a new way.  Fresh revelation will be pouring forth out of the Word daily.  Scriptures we have known and loved will take on a whole new meaning as we step further into the new dimensions God is opening up for us.  It’s important that we stay strong and focussed on the new things God is teaching us and not revert back to old mindsets.

God is saying to me, ‘I will open your eyes to new things, I will make darkness – light, before you.  You will see clearly and understand truths you had never imagined. Go forward trusting in Me.

All over the world now, there are hot-beds for the gospel and people are rising up in compassion to help their brothers and sisters in need throughout the world.  This compassion, this reaching out to those in need is attracting the attention of heaven, and God is saying that wherever He is welcomed, the atmosphere of heaven is beginning to invade the earth.

In these places the atmosphere of heaven has touched our atmosphere and will continue to merge as we welcome the Presence of God.  The glory of God will be evident amongst us in a new way, and the healing power of God will be transferred to people with much stronger evidence than we have seen before.

The glory of God in each of us should be flowing from one to another. That glory of God that’s flowing through us and out of us, is going to be a healing stream to sick people wherever we go.

The Lord is saying, ‘lift your vision higher, raise your expectation’.  This is a day and an hour when God is opening new doors for the gospel and opening hearts to receive it.  He is raising His people to a new level of walking in victory, where the enemy will be soundly defeated on many fronts.  The battle is raging in so many parts of the world, but the church is rising at the same time.

God is going to demonstrate His Glory in surprising ways.  Be ready to act on His prompting.  Be ready to move in faith.  Don’t look for the spectacular things, although you will see those things, but look for the supernatural power of God at work in every situation of your life.


Kerrie has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 40 years and is now retired. Her main involvement over the years has been in Discipleship and Leadership training, as well as Pastoral Care. In earlier years she was heavily involved in Children's Ministry and training children's workers.