Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. – Proverbs3:5,6

 The Thesaurus uses the words ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ interchangeably, but to me there is a difference. Faith says: ‘I believe’, but trust ‘knows’. Trust demonstrates a close relationship with God.

What do we want to accomplish through faith and trust in God. I hope I’m speaking for you as well as myself, when I say that we want to see the power of God manifest in salvations, healing and deliverance. We want to see the captives set free, we want the Will of God to be done in the earth. We want evil squashed and righteousness to prevail.

However, there is a problem. Satan wants to disable us so that we will be ineffective in dealing with the challenges of life and ministry – and one of the best ways he can do that is to cause us to doubt God and lose our trust in Him. Because if we can’t – or don’t – fully trust the Lord, then we are forced to rely on ourselves – or other people – and that’s a big mistake! Only God has the right answers for the problems of life.

Of course we do need to be able to trust one another – but first and foremost, our trust should be in the Lord.

In the OT there was a king who used a cruel and unusual punishment on other kings, who were his prisoners of war. He would have their thumbs and big toes cut off, which threw them off balance and meant they could no longer use a weapon effectively.  And that is, in effect, what the enemy wants to do with us.

Have you ever been let down by someone you trusted? Lied to or deceived? Betrayed by a friend? Unfortunately, lack of trust, or broken trust, has a powerful and long-lasting effect, and until it is properly dealt with, it will cause untold pain in future relationships – and especially in your relationship with God. You can’t fully open up to the one you love, if the rubble of broken trust is blocking the way. You can’t worship freely, or grow deeper in your relationship with God, unless you really trust Him.

Lots of people today have issues with trust – or should I say – lack of trust. Probably all of us have experienced broken trust in some way. The sad thing is when people blame God for the things that happened. God didn’t let you down….people did.

After you experience betrayal – If you have been cheated, or deceived or robbed – you are likely to have some trust issues. You may find it hard to trust people in the future. You may also face other destructive issues, such as anger, fear, bitterness  – perhaps even a desire for revenge.

These experiences often leave people with a lack of trust in other people, but perhaps also an inability to trust God! They may even blame God for letting those bad things happen! You’ve probably heard people say: “why did God let this happen to me”? And that is a HUGE mistake. Because He is the ONLY One who is totally trustworthy.

If you’re a Christian, this broken trust can weaken your relationship with God and in the case of non-Christians, it may be the very thing that will keep them from coming to the Lord. Which is why satan loves this method of breaking or weakening people’s relationships, because ultimately it will affect their relationship with God…unless they properly deal with the problem, and the only way that really works is to come to the Lord and ask Him to remove the sting of the offence. Only God can do that. And then of course, we need to forgive the wrong.

There is even a deeper problem for Christians, because in order to fully enjoy the benefits of being a child of God and especially if you want to effectively serve the Lord, you must willingly yield to Him your whole heart and life – and THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE – if you dont fully trust Him.

Think about a newly married couple. In order to really enjoy their love life – they must fully yield – or give – themselves to one another. It’s not going to happen – if one of them has broken trust, perhaps by keeping in touch with an old girlfriend or boyfriend,  – or if one of them is struggling with unresolved trust issues from their childhood.  

Satan’s tactic is to incapacitate us, so that our lives will be ineffective, maybe even miserable – and broken trust is a most effective way to do that.

Most of us have at some time declared our trust in God and handed over our lives to Him, but the circumstances of life can be like a roller coaster, with many ups and downs, so we need to check from time to time that our trust really is in God – rather than man.

The benefits of trusting God cannot be overstated. God is the ONLY one who is totally trustworthy. He will never let you down, and when bad things happen in life, He is the One who will turn things around and make a good situation out of a bad one.

Now is the time to renew your trust in God. If you are struggling with broken trust or betrayal, come to the Lord and let Him heal the pain. If you’ve never turned your life over to God, now is the time to do it. You need to trust God’s Word that Jesus Christ died to pay the price for your sins. All the wrong things you’ve done, or thought, or said….Jesus will forgive and make your life clean. He’ll come and live in you by His Spirit, and your life will be changed forever.


Kerrie has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 40 years and is now retired. Her main involvement over the years has been in Discipleship and Leadership training, as well as Pastoral Care. In earlier years she was heavily involved in Children's Ministry and training children's workers.